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Buy a 1-Year Thai Educaction Visa at The Knowledge

Come to The Knowledge and sign up for our one-year premium Thai course

Talk to one of our friendly visa consultants

Talk to our visa consultants. Our friendly staff will help you go through the ED-visa documents.

Talk to one of our friendly visa consultants

We prepare the letter that you will need to apply for the ED-visa. This takes up to 3-4 weeks.

We support your application for a Thai Education Visa at your local Thai consulate or Embassy

We support your application with an overseas Thai Embassy or consulate to get your ED-visa approved.

You check in at the immigration office every 3 months

You check in at the immigration office every 3 months once the visa is approved.

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Business Thai

We also have business Thai lessons available, so whether you just want to hold a conversation with your Thai friends, or would like to engage in more advanced business conversations with your colleagues we have a well-design course for you to help you achieve your goals.

Explore Thailand

With our special beginner’s textbook and flashcard-based learning system, you’ll learn all the Thai consonants and vowels within the first 12 hours of class.

Frequently Asked Questions
How quickly can I learn Thai?
We always ask our students to be realistic and acknowledge that learning a language is a challenging and long-term commitment. Moreover, to really excel you need to practice regularly outside of the classroom. However, of course we are here to help and our communicative lessons will provide you with new words and sentence structures to use in real-world situations and support you on your journey to becoming a fluent Thai speaker.
Should I study private lessons?
Again that’s really up to you. Private lessons can be a great way to both speed up your learning and ensure that your unique language issues are addressed with a learning structure tailored to your needs. However, group lessons are more fun as you can interact with your class mates!
Can I try before I buy?
Yes of course. If you would like to book a free demo lesson with us then send us an email and we will schedule a time to come in, chat to your Thai teacher, review our materials, and attend a real lesson and start speaking Thai.
But I only want to learn speaking – is that possible?
Not a problem. We have separated our speaking and listening course from our reading and writing course for this exact reason. Our speaking and listening course has entry points every 2 weeks (unlike some schools which have entry points every 2 months!), and by studying on this course you can quickly build the language skills necessary to hold conversations in Thailand.

However, we would like to note that if you are serious about learning Thai you should consider studying both courses because as with any language reading and writing skills are wholly integrated with speaking and listening skills – therefore focusing on both can lead to significantly faster results. Moreover, because Thai is a phonetic language, learning to read can expand your range of vocabulary very quickly as you will be able to discern lots of new words (and their meanings from context) everywhere you encounter them in your daily life.
I am still not sure how to apply for an Ed-visa?
Don’t worry, if you need more information then you can call us on 02-2640-276-7 to chat with one of our helpful staff or view our visa application guidelines by clicking here.
I’ve studied Thai before and it was boring! Why will The Knowledge be any different?
We have the best Thai teachers in Bangkok and we have integrated effective ESL teaching methodologies that are proven to make lessons more engaging and more productive.

In practical terms this means each lesson will utilize a range of learning resources, such as flash cards, have a lesson plan focused on getting students to interact and talk (as opposed to just listening to a lecture from the teacher – not very effective, but all too common in other schools!), and be delivered by a well trained teacher. This is something that all of our teachers commit to on a weekly basis – and you are welcome to come and join the sessions any time!
How many times a week do I need to study?
That’s really up to you. We have a very flexible schedule and a wide range of lessons available, just let us know your availability and we will let you know if we can provide a learning schedule that works.
There are a lot of other Thai schools out there, so what makes The Knowledge so different?
A key point of difference is that we educate to western standards. We do this by training our Thai teachers to use the same industry standard ESL teaching techniques that we ensure our foreign teachers apply.
But it’s not just about education. Our school is foreign managed, and our Thai program is administered by foreign staff – we mention this simply to highlight your communication with us will always be clear, and direct, which we are confident will mean a better customer experience for our students.
I’ve seen cheaper schools out there?!
And we certainly recommend that you go and check them out – but always remember that you get what you pay for. We have done our research and we are not the most expensive Thai school and, moreover, our prices include significant added value that our competitors don’t offer including: extra learning resources, inclusive book prices, native English speaking customer service managers, expert visa consultation, and the best standard of Thai teaching you will find in Bangkok.
Lake Rajada Office Complex? Where is it?
Don’t worry! We are very easy to find. We are located right in the center of Bangkok, just 5 minutes walk from Asoke MRT and BTS. Moreover, we are lucky to occupy space with one of the best views in Bangkok, overlooking the beautiful Lake Rajada in Benjakitti Park.
How many hours do I need to study to apply for an Ed-visa?
The Ministry of Education requires that you study a 400 hour course, during a 12 month cycle, to be eligible to apply for an Education visa. This works out at up to 10 hours of study per week, and includes both our speaking and listening courses and our reading and writing courses.
What learning resources do you use?
We use a range of resources for our learning system, most of which are custom designed by The Knowledge. For low level speaking and listening we have developed a systematic approach that utilizes the PPP methodology (Present, Practice, Produce). This methodology provides guided learning in the early stages of the lesson, and then moves onto communicative activities towards the end of the lesson.

The reading and writing course has a slightly different structure and utilizes both custom-designed materials in the early stages of the course with published text-books in the latter stages of the course.
What if I need to take a break from study?
If you are studying Thai at The Knowledge and have a 12 month Education visa with us then it won’t be possible for us to pause your course. However, if you require a break from your course and do not have an Education visa with us, then don’t worry, we can place your contract on hold for as long as you wish for a small fee of 1,000THB per month. In situations where you place your contract on hold for a portion of a month then this fee will be calculated pro-rata based on a 30 day month.

Free Community Events and Activities

Every month we schedule community events and activities for you to enjoy with you friends and practice English with your teachers. These events fun, and a great way to make friends with the other students and our teachers – make sure you don’t miss out on our legendary Halloween and Christmas parties!

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