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increase your salary with Business English

Most leading Thai corporations now have policies to reward staff who have advanced English language skills with higher salaries . Our business English course can help you achieve more with your career by ensuring that you can excel in any English conversation or writing situations.

get a better job with business English

As the opening of the AEC draws closer, businesses are placing language competency as a top priority in their recruitment strategies. If you want to get the job you have always wanted, then you probably want to study with The Knowledge.

business english course at The Knowledge

Get ready for business with The Knowledge

Most of our students graduate from CEFR B1 level or above. This means that when our students graduate, they are capable of confidently communicating in English at work. Are you?

Study general English and business English together

Study Business English and General English together

Because we specialize in both Business English and General English you have the flexibility to choose what kind of English skills you want to develop. The choice is totally up to you!

Bangkok's leading provider of business English courses

Bangkok’s leading provider of business English to corporations

Our courses are the most effective on the market. Due to this we have been able to provide business English solutions to many of Thailand’s largest corporations. Our in-house programs reflect this level of quality, and will provide you with the language abilities to excel in when you communicate in English at work.

Business English workshops at The Knowledge

Business elite workshops to prepare you for business

With The Knowledge you will learn more than just English. To help you meet your professional communication goals, we host regular business skills workshops on subjects such as Email Writing, Presentations, and Negotiations – all designed to prepare you for business.

learn Business English with Bangkok's best tutors

We only hire the most motivated, qualified, and experienced teachers to support you as you study. Our teachers are always there to help and will make studying a productive and fun experience!

Learn Business English fast at The Knowledge

You can study up to 3 hours or more each day. All of our lessons are one hour long and our timetable is filled each evening and weekends, with a range of core English Classes, Business Tutorials, and Lifestyle Activities.

Learning Business English at The Knowledge has really improved my ability to hold meetings at work in 100% English. I can study over 3 hours a day as part of my Business English package, which means I am learning very quickly.
I am studying Business English and General English at The Knowledge. Having the option to do both has been great! I really recommend The Knowledge and I have made some really fantastic friends here as well.
The Knowledge Business English course has been a great help for me personally. It’s made learning fun and improved my ability to converse in English with my clients at my law firm. Thumbs up to The Knowledge school!
I recommend the business English course if you are a business woman like myself wanting to improve your English at work. I’ve made huge progress since joining this school as well as making many new friends along the way.

Free Community Events and Activities

Every month we schedule community events and activities for you to enjoy with you friends and practice English with your teachers. These events fun, and a great way to make friends with the other students and our teachers – make sure you don’t miss out on our legendary Halloween and Christmas parties!

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