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5 Edible Thai Flowers

1 Butterfly pea

Popular edible flowers that are often used to decorate natural purple. with many drinks and desserts such as butterfly pea juice and lime Butterfly pea juice, lemon honey, layered dessert, bua loy, crispy tubular tub, butterfly pea flower salad, butterfly pea omelette Boiled Vegetables with Chili Paste If wanting to eat butterfly pea flowers Should be eaten by cooking only and before eating. Should pull out the terminal area first. Because at the end of the butterfly pea flower there is rubber. acidic This can result in throat irritation. Bite the esophagus in the throat. In general, pea flowers should be taken. Let's boil with hot water. in order to extract the natural purple color to be mixed with food Rather than being eaten fresh, the benefits of pea flowers are not just that. In ancient times, Anchan flowers were used to help in enhancing memory. And scientific research has shown that it is possible that pea flowers can improve memory. and also a soft sleeping pill

2. Damask Rose

Petals can be dried and fried. To be eaten together with chili paste. It is also used to make a salad menu, rose salad, and also used to make rose tea that is currently popular. Using dried rose petals to make a fragrant rose tea and has beautiful fresh colors In terms of industrial use, the petals of the Mon rose are also used to extract essential oils for use in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries by flavoring cosmetics. Including the smell of food and syrup as well

tonic cure exhaustion Fever, fever, helps drive bile and is used as a mild laxative. By using dried petals to boil with drinking water or brew as a drinking tea or may be ground into a powder and eaten as a powder as well. It is used as a heart tonic, tonic, tonic, blood tonic, to relieve nausea and vomiting, dizziness, and dizziness by using dried petals to mix aromatherapy with other herbs.

3. Ixora

Dok Khem is considered one of the most popular flowers used to create a variety of dishes, such as Dok Khem Salad, Dok Khem Steamed Eggs. as well as popular menus such as the use of dok needles to be coated with batter and deep-fried Eat with chili paste.

Treat eye diseases, cure chronic cough, cure diarrhea, help with appetite

for confidence and safety Should use the flower needle that is planted by yourself Or taken from a source that is confident that it is free from chemicals

4. Sacred lotus

The lotus flower itself can also be taken orally Which can be eaten either petals or lotus seeds. The petals can be collected to make lotus leaves, lotus salad, lotus petals battered, and lotus seeds are used to make lotus leaf steamed rice. Lotus custard pill Lotus seeds in syrup, lotus seed sago, lotus seed dessert, etc.

Fresh white lotus flowers are used to boil and drink water consecutively. There will be properties as a medicine to relieve fatigue. freshen up and help reduce palpitations

Lotus tea The medicinal properties of lotus flowers and lotus pollen are used to nourish the heart. Fever, fever, exhaustion, blood drive, expectorant, colic and diarrhea.

5. Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea, besides being beautiful Help create color for your home and have a good meaning. Bougainvillea can also be made. Edible flowers, too. Bougainvillea flowers can be used in cooking, such as making flour-fried bougainvillea flowers. By bringing bougainvillea flowers to dip in batter. Wait for the oil to heat up. Then add flour-dipped bougainvillea and fry until golden and crispy. Then scoop up and wait until the oil drains. It can be eaten with dipping sauces to add flavor to make it even more delicious or can be boiled to make drinking water. It has a variety of properties such as helping to nourish the blood, nourishing the heart, making the blood circulate well. Treatment of irregular menstruation in women, etc.

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