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Classic Thai movies worth watching

We can suggest some classic Thai movies that might interest you:

  1. The Overture (Hom rong): This movie is based on the life of a traditional Thai musician who struggles to revive an ancient form of music.

  2. Tears of the Black Tiger (Fah talai jone): A quirky romantic movie set in the 1950s, about a gangster who falls in love with a country girl.

  3. Iron Ladies (Satreelex): A comedy movie about a group of male volleyball players who transform themselves into a women's team and go on to become national champions.

  4. Tom-Yum-Goong (The Protector): A martial arts movie about a man who travels to Australia to rescue his stolen elephant.

  5. Bang Rajan: An epic historical drama about the defense of a Thai village against the Burmese invasion.

These are just a few examples, there are many more Thai classic movies worth watching.

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