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Mom of Soft Power !

Look at the menu that Lisa has eaten and posted on social media. Until causing the flow of fever It's a form of Thai soft power, when she picks up anything, it becomes a hit and trend.

Fried Meatballs, Skewered Pork Sausage

she posted a picture "Fried Meatballs", "Skewered Pork Sausage" with Spicy Sauce Comes with side dishes in the IG story Create a buzz all over social media, plus Lisa has also done the Thai food industry. After giving an interview that he likes eating meatballs in Buriram province, causing a trend of eating meatballs standing and eating fever.

Steamed Coconut Milk, Chinese pastry Lava and Thai Tea

On the same day, Lisa also posted pictures of famous Thai desserts, such as "Kanom Chaew", "Kanom Pia Lava" and "Thai tea" in the IG story as well.

Saimai Roti

Lisa has posted an IG story as a picture while she is rolling a sheet of "Roti Sai Mai" until it becomes a soft power of Thailand. Sai Mai Roti returns to the trend again. Fans flock to buy Roti Sai Mai as far as Sai Mai Roti Road at Ayutthaya Province.

Look Choup, Steamed Banana Cake

Lisa has posted pictures of Look Choup, Steamed Banana Cake on her IG stories. Causing her fans to go buy and eat accordingly. Luk Chub is a kind of Thai dessert made from mung bean paste, stirred, molded into various shapes, colored and then plated in agar jelly to make it beautiful.

Green Curry Spaghetti with Coconut Juice

BLINKS or Thai BLACKPINK fans were shocked when Lisa posted a picture of the chicken breast spaghetti green sauce menu. And there is another bottle of coconut water. In addition to being a little excited with Thai food that Lisa has already eaten Still secretly enamored that Lisa would miss Thai food. and I miss Thailand very much

Nongpho pasteurized milk

Let's start with Lisa. Invite close friends to dance while holding "Nong Pho Milk Bag" chocolate flavor, resulting in sales. Nong Pho milk bags increased 3 times. "Children's Day must be here." Nongpho is a Milk from cow farms that help farmers from Ratchaburi province.

Mango Papaya Salad

Recently posted a picture of "Mango Salad" with the caption that "Sent directly from Thailand" on a personal IG Story, causing fans around the world to swallow together.

These soft powers from Lisa will make Blinks even more obsessed with her. also add more groups of those merchants who sell well

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