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Why Private Lessons?


Learn faster and achieve amazing results

Because your tutor will have more time to dedicate to your specific needs you will learn Thai most relevant to your objectives, moreover, your tutor can spend extra time improving the areas you are weakest in.


A flexible study schedule 

We understand that it can be difficult to find time to study, which is why our one-to-one study is perfect for you. You can choose exactly when you want to study, exactly how you want to study, and exactly who you want to study with.

Study Thai most relevant to your need

This means that when you study with us you will be learning the language you need to be successful in whatever industry you work in.


Perfect for beginner students

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Perfect for beginner students

If you are just starting to learn Thai, then private lessons are perfect to help get you begin speaking and writing more quickly. You will receive more support from your tutor and be able to advance at your own pace.

If you are a more advanced learner, then private lessons can help you focus on your learning with more precision and accuracy, which allows you to perfect your Thai strengths and fully address any language weaknesses.

Bangkok's best Thai teacher

Our experienced, professional Thai tutors have helped hundreds of foreigners learn Thai, and look forward to helping you too. When you visit the school you will meet your foreign academic managers who will give you a detailed overview of the course, and the visa application process if appropriate, and also introduce you to your Thai teacher. Once you start they will always be available to offer extra support if you need it, and more than happy to answer any questions you have. Click below for video a explaining our course structure, and a quick introduction to your teachers.



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