At The Knowledge, we offer 2 levels of Social English, starting at Beginner A1 Level and Elementary A2 Level. These courses focus on English conversation and are designed for adults who would like to improve their daily basic conversation. Our classes are designed to improve the student's basic vocabulary and to build confidence to be able to speak and understand conversations in English.


Students will be able to share personal information like their name, where they work and live, daily routines, and talk about events in the past and future. By the end of the course, students will be able to have short conversations about everyday life and events.


Students will be able to talk about different kinds of jobs and duties, describe and compare cities and places to live, everyday topics such as wildlife, food, travel, sports and hobbies and talk about a wide range of everyday topics. 

Why study English at The Knowledge? 

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Our Thai course under supervision of the

Ministry of Education 

The Knowledge Language Center